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Unlock the full potential of your projects with Datalize’s specialised talent sourcing services. Whether you need short-term expertise for specific projects or are looking to enhance your permanent team with top-tier BI professionals, we have the solution. Our extensive network and industry expertise ensure we match you with the perfect talent to meet your business needs.

How We Work - Our Proven Process

Identify Needs

We begin by understanding your specific requirements, project scope, and the expertise needed to succeed.

Vet Candidates

Leveraging our industry knowledge, we meticulously screen candidates to ensure they meet your technical and cultural needs.


We connect you with candidates who are best suited to your project's demands and your company's values.

Ongoing Support

Even after placement, we provide continuous support to ensure a smooth transition and successful project execution.

Success Story


A leading retail chain was facing challenges in managing vast amounts of data, hindering their decision-making capabilities.


Datalize sourced a highly skilled Power BI consultant who implemented a custom BI solution, transforming data management and analytics within the company.


The tailored solution provided real-time insights into sales, inventory, and customer trends, leading to a 20% increase in efficiency and significantly better strategic decisions.

Client Testimonial

The expertise provided by the Power BI consultant sourced by Datalize was transformative for our business. Their proficiency not only in BI tools but in understanding our specific industry needs was unparalleled.

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